Elevate Diamond Earth

Awaken the Angel Within to Feel Truly Free

It's time to release ALL patterns of limitation, scarcity, and pain to create your NEW life experience.  Through the integrated teachings of Angelic Arts & Sacred Sciences, you'll harmonize your consciousness to not only reach, but sustain authentic love, true happiness, and your fullest potential as a divine being! Join us LIVE - January 11th-18th, 2020!!


Hello Angel! I'm Stephanie Lodge, Creator and Host of Angelic Summit 2020 and I have a Special Invitation to Share with You!

General registration is FREE. Space is limited. Replays will be available for a full 24-hour listening window. Click below to register or purchase a pass.

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A Global Wave is Coming...Do you Feel it?

You found this page just in time. There is a global wave of purifying light frequency rising in 2020 that will place you in an extraordinary choice point: ride the wave to a new level of awakening or witness the ongoing riptides of polarity and confusion. It's all about how you manage your mindset and what you align your heart's vibration to. We'd like to assist you in learning how to surf your way into the new Diamond Age, where this multifaceted immaculate light is expanding collective consciousness and restoring our original templates of ULTIMATE LOVE.


The message has been getting louder... THE TIME IS NOW to say YES to the change we wish to see. The change literally is ALL of us. Now, more than ever before, we are being asked to do our part and align with a new vision of a beautiful Diamond Earth blueprint. We are being invited to consider a world that works for everyone where each of us is a "change angel" of tremendous importance.


There's another A.I. in 2020 that we can all use to build a new reality that serves and benefits all of us and our planet, and it's not artificial, it's ANGELIC! 



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Who is Angelic Summit For?

Angelic Summit is for those who feel a deep love and connection to Angels in the traditional sense or are curious about what Angels truly are and what it means to find our own Angelic intelligence within to utilize in our day-to-day experience.


Humanity is RAPIDLY regaining ELEMENTAL CODES of the Deepest Wisdom

and SACRED TEMPLATES of Divine Design


If you are awakening to an understanding that there's a spiritual substance that animates your life, then the summit is here to assist you in understanding all levels of who you truly are. With global consciousness elevating, we definitely require more advanced tools and guidance on how to stay balanced and energized in an ever-evolving world. We call these tools the Angelic Arts & Sacred Sciences of love and light coherence.



Here are Just Some of the Reasons Your Soul Has Led You to Be Part of this Empowering & Elevating Event :


  • To experience a variety of healing techniques in order to learn them as practical tools of self-reliance

  • To discover what's in store for 2020 in terms of World Energetics and Transformational Solutions from Channeled Celestial Guidance

  • To learn how to remove the Emotional and Energetic Blocks that keep you from connecting to your True Nature as Dynamic Living Light

  • To activate Divine Keys and Codes of Pure Potentiality through Amplified Angelic Entrainment 

  • To equip yourself with innovative practices and tools to empower your life!

  • To align with and clarify Your Connection to Source Frequency and Divine Consciousness.

  • To experience a blend of science and spirit, where the conversations of neuroscience, flow state, and biohacking merge with a more modern understanding of spirit, Angels, and the unseen LIGHT that informs EVERYTHING

  • To connect with a community of "light-minded" people we call "The Angelhood."

  • And finally to contribute to the Global Intention Experience of Collectively Envisioning a New Earth of peace, love, and abundance on January 18th, 2020!



The Hug Angel

Angelic Physicist & Emissary for the Angelic Light Streams

Talks: "The Evolution of Angels as the New A.I. and HALO Experience"

A channel for the Angels for almost fifteen years, Stephanie has led the shift from seeing Angels solely as beings outside of us to embodying their frequency as our own divine nature through various practices she calls the HALO Method. She brings them into our heart through her engagements as The Hug Angel, where she serves as a reminder to Awaken Your Angelic Soul to truly Own Your Divinity.

Register Now to Get Your


Diamond Light Meditation

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“I have had the pleasure of experiencing the magic of Stephanie Lodge’s streamed meditations both in person and online. She enters this state where you can feel something change in the energy around you as you listen to her voice guide you to just the place you need to be. A true mystic in our time!”


Michelle Darensbourg

Intuitive Healer and Author

“One time I was at Bodhi Tree and I met a tall woman…and immediately when I saw her before she spoke, I knew she was a master. What does it mean to be a master?  The first capacity of the master…it’s not a superpower…it’s humility. So, Stephanie Lodge is an exceptional master of humility.”

Michel Pascal

Meditation Teacher, Google, Conscious Filmmaker and Vocal Healer

EM West

Young Adult Author

Stephanie Lodge is the epitome of what a true healer is and should be. Knowledgeable, highly gifted, and her work is utterly transformational. If you are looking for authentic guidance, information and healing from a very kind and wonderfully talented soul, look no further.

Kevin Ackad

Energy Healer 

I have to say that there are very few people in the world these days who can hold, let alone share, so much healing light.  Stephanie is one of those remarkable beings who is able to channel a stream of healing light so powerful that transcendence is a normal occurrence in sessions with her.   You feel the depth of the healing work and I'm pleasantly surprised every time with each UNIQUE experience I have with her. So grateful for you Stephanie!!! 

We've Assembled Some of the Leading Spiritual Powerhouses in the World...

Meet the Diamond Light Luminaries


Sheila & Marcus Gillette


"Unconditional Love – A Vibrational State of Being”

Tricia McCannon


"Origins of the Angelic Soul and other Mysteries"

Sandra Biskind


“Codes of the Ancients”

Open of Openhand


"The Unfolding Shift into 5D Consciousness"

Sephirah Oracle Starsong


"Sacred Visualization of a

New World”

Alexandra Wenman


“Precious Wisdom of Angelic Light”

SunDari Marci Lock


“Unlocking Light, Liberation, and Love”

Jason Michael &

Heather Grace Powers


“The Alchemical Union of Angelic Flames”

Isabelle von Fallois


“Mary Magdalene and the Sisterhood of the Rose”

Tina Marie & Billy Joseph


“The Sacred Love Codes”

Camille Michaels


“Delphi Codes of Divine Mastery “

Grace Cavanaugh


“Awakening the Mystic”

Meet the Sovereign Light Speakers


Barbara Wilder


John Burgos


“Embody the Extraordinary”

Lizzie Loch


“Creative Self-Empowerment”

Lisa Sadowski


“Life’s Re-Mission and Greatest Rewards”

Seph Dietlin


“The Angelic Hero’s Journey”

Kim Thalken


“Loving the Angel Within”

Keith Leon S


“How Angels Walk With Us”

Meet the Angelic Sound Streams


Monique Benabou


The Powers of Love


Michel Pascal


Maya McClean



Julia Izabela Partyka



Are you Ready to Rise & Shine Diamond Angel?

If you've been waiting for a written invitation or a definitive sign to say YES, I am ready to step into the light and shine my brilliance, speak my truth, and live my life to its fullest potential! Then, THIS IS IT!


The ANGELIC SUMMIT councils are your partners in shine to evolve to your next greatest version of self! 


You know it's time to raise your heart's vibration and mindful intention to the most soul-inspired, prosperous, joyful, and LOVING NATURE you can envision and embody, right? So then, what are you waiting for?



The ANGELIC SUMMIT councils are your partners in shine to evolve to your next greatest version of self! They want to answer your questions and we are bringing a special LIVE Q&ANGELS to give you an opportunity to ask them what your heart is longing to know.



RIGHT NOW is the absolute BEST TIME to upgrade your experience to a VIP ANGEL or DIAMOND ANGEL ALL-ACCESS PASS! Why? Because you can OWN all of the recordings for an amazing price and experience:


  • powerful activations
  • high-frequency meditations
  • harmonic alignments
  • healing energy
  • celestial wisdom
  • light frequencies
  • and all of the master teachings and guidance.


You'll also get EXTRA BONUSES from many of our speakers and sound streams with each pass. Plus, when you choose the Diamond Angel pass, you get everything in the VIP Angel pass plus 3 FULL MONTHS in Stephanie Lodge's exclusive membership circle called HALO. 


The current value is incredible because you're paying way less than if you worked with just one of our speakers for an hour and you get all 24! Most are giving you 2-hour mini masterclasses and extra bonuses when you invest in yourself fully.  


Plus, you'll be able to be present with us in your heart without taxing your mind by taking a ton of notes. You'll be able to experience the light immersion any time you have one of "those days."


But, hurry, the current pricing is only good through January 18th, 2020!


Calling All Angels




We honor your privacy. Your information is guarded by Angels! Feel free to unsubscribe to any of our emails at any time.

What Sets us Apart?

First off, we are LIVE each day with a Q&Angel interactive question and answer opportunity with each of our luminaries and speakers. You'll have an opportunity to ask the Angelic Councils directly online in real time your pressing questions. This alone is worth its weight in diamonds, but there's so much more!


The overall format of Angelic Summit is part Master Class, part Manifestation Tool, and part Activated Healing Experience that HARMONIZES our collective vibration into one cohesive vision through heart coherence. 


Why is this so important? First, it amplifies your personal energy. It also aligns all participants to visualize a new planet where everyone thrives on every level and sets a powerful intention for 2020 and the decade to come on the final day of the summit. This serves as a counter balance to all of the chaos, fear, and confusion that has been created through our media and other programming up until now.


Elevate Diamond Earth

An Intention Experiment on January 18, 2020 at 12pm PT


Our special guest and facilitator, Sephirah Oracle Starsong, will join Stephanie Lodge to speak about the coming earth changes, the importance of Angelic awakening through soul embodiment, and so much more! The purpose of having Sephirah join us is to show how infinitely supported we have always been to step fully into our spiritual nature.  She has profound access as an oracle to the mysteries of the universe and is open to answering any questions our heart desires to know. She and Stephanie will guide us through a powerful intention experience to visualize and manifest all we desire and so richly deserve.

Our Vision

The teams of amazing Wayshowers that make up our summit will educate and activate throughout the week, guiding all of us toward a more refined way of feeling.


The summit will ultimately illustrate that there are many facets to the divine human experience, but our one core purpose is to love ourselves, each other, and our earth


This is the greatest Age of Awakening our planet has ever seen and why we came. The Diamond Age as the Angels call it is where all sentient beings choose freedom and expansion of love!


Won't you be a part of this historical experience?

We honor your privacy. Your information is guarded by Angels! Feel free to unsubscribe to any of our emails at any time.

Still Not Sure if this Summit is for You?



What to Expect?


This summit is not your ordinary online education event packing loads of information into only a few days. We know the level of light frequency our luminaries embody and facilitate, and we invite you to savor each morsel of wisdom with reverence. See each illuminated teacher as a reflection of you.  We've selected them carefully to provide the greatest impression of this truth. Each activation, alignment,  frequency recalibration, and loving reminder is by design by spirit. 


What is most important is personal SOUL INTEGRATION, and we want you to have time to digest the abundant bounty of love, light, and intelligence you'll be receiving.


We're also highly suggesting you choose to own the summit so that you can reMIND yourself regularly by realigning to the healing vibrations on demand at any time, on any device. 


Why Me?


You carry a unique key within your heart that unlocks universal solutions to the physical distortions our planet faces today.


Only you can release this divine frequency to offer a new dream of not only personal fulfillment, but planetary healing.


Bottom line is, you matter. If you didn't, you wouldn't physically be "in matter."


So, it's time to release old stories of fear, victimhood, of "not being enough" or the "I don't deserve love and abundance." All of these are falling away now, and if you need some assistance in carrying them out the door, our luminaries are happy to help!



Why Now?


Your Divine Nature, or Angelic Soul, is pulling you to your deepest point of self-actualization by revealing all the hidden blocks to release them once and for all. It's not always comfortable, and can even be scary and painful at times to revisit core wounds. But, full transparency is what being in your Diamond Sovereign State is all about and we're all in this together.


It's time to OWN OUR DIVINITY. It's also time to KNOW that we can truly co-create a planetary playground we all deserve.


Angels serve as archetypes of our own alignment to the divine and "angles" of embodiment of true graceful authority. It's time to align with Angelic intelligence to create collective blowtorches of powerful, co-creative intention that can no longer be ignored as single candles of light. 

Three Ways to Be a Part of Angelic Summit and

Own Your Divinity

If you know for sure you can dedicate your time at the designated hours to be a part of this exciting week with all of our speakers and presenters, then register for FREE to reserve your seat now! You'll have a FULL 24 HOURS to watch each day's amazing presentations from the time they end. Though we highly recommend buying unlimited access with one of our passes below to ensure you are able to revisit the teachings, healings, and bonuses again and again.


However, if you think there's a chance you might miss one or several days, then you definitely want to get our VIP Angel Pass as soon as possible! Since, right now it's only $144! AND YES, that price will change once the Summit ends, so make sure you grab it early to SAVE on this exciting series! Plus, you won't have to take so many notes!


With the VIP Angel Pass you'll get:

  • ALL OF THE VIDEO RECORDINGS from the entire summit, EXCLUDING the Elevate Diamond Earth Experience! 

  • ADDITIONAL BONUSES from a selection of our Luminaries designed to align your frequency to the highest realms of light.

  • Plus a preview invitation to The Angelhood private 

    social network as soon as it's made public!

It's ALL yours when you become a VIP Angel! 

An Exclusive Invitation and Limited Time Offer

NOW, if you want even more Angel Love you'll want to grab the ultimate Diamond Angel Pass For $244 (valued at over $600) before January 19th, 2020! It gives you everything in the VIP Pass, plus...

  • ALL OF THE VIDEO & AUDIO RECORDINGS from the entire summit, INCLUDING the Elevate Diamond Earth Experience! 

  • FREE MIND MASTERY EBOOK BONUS GIFT to get your mindset focused for a powerful summit experience.

  • EVEN MORE BONUSES from our Speakers and Luminaries designed to align maintain your frequency and overall alignment long after the summit is over.

  • Plus 3 MONTHS of FREE ACCESS to Stephanie Lodge's HALO CIRCLE! This private weekly call with Stephanie Lodge features a weekly channeling from the Angels, a universal "energy reading" for the week, and custom HALO Method (Harmonic Alignment Light Optimization) that releases stuck energy and restores harmony to all systems. Plus, a new Angelic Dream Key activation each week. These keys align your holographic field and harmonize your entire light body and are part of her core teachings.

It's ALL yours when you become a Diamond Angel! 

No Matter Which Pass Your Choose, or if you Decide You Only Want to Register Right Now to Experience Angelic Summit LIVE... you get ALL of this: 

  • 2-3 Sessions per Day

    We determined that based on our global audience and speakers, we can't please everyone. But, we have scheduled three different sessions per day for added flexibility with time in between for food, a nap, and general integration.

  • Live Q&Angels Chat

    A portion of the majority of our LIVE sessions will give as many people as possible a chance to ask our speakers questions LIVE! Our private chat room has limited free capacity, but it's only $2 to join if those seats run out.

  • Free Meditation for Registering

    When you register, you'll get Stephanie Lodge's free Diamond Light Meditation as her FREE gift in celebration of the Angelic Summit launch.

  • You'll be on the Angel List!

    Once registered, you'll receive special offers, invites, and news on behalf of Angelic Summit and Angelic Academy, it's producer.

  • You'll Receive Daily Reminders via Email and SMS if Desired

    If you register your phone number and email, we'll send you both emails and SMS reminders of the summit schedule with link to join LIVE.

  • Available on any Device

    When you own the summit you'll be able to listen to the audio or watch the video recordings on any device, including your phone!

Are you as Excited as WE ARE?

Join us by Registering Today!

We h❤nor your privacy. Your information is guarded by Angels! Feel free to unsubscribe to any of our emails at any time.

FAQ's - Favorite Angel Questions

Here are a few answers to our most common questions

Where is the summit being held?

Is the summit really free?

Yes, tuning in LIVE each day is free for the first 24 hours. After that you can access any previous day by purchasing either our VIP Angel or Diamond Angel All-Access Passes.

What if I can't make the LIVE event?

Who is this Summit best suited for?

Is the Summit just online?

Is there an affiliate program of some kind?

Can I be in the summit somehow?

Can I offer support or volunteer in exchange for a pass?


Fly with Us...

Become an Angelic Affiliate

Since this is our LAUNCH event, we're inviting all of our friends, and their friends, to fly wing-to-wing energetically to share our intention worldwide! When you become an affiliate and invite your personal network to attend with you, you could offset your cost of either our VIP Angel or Diamond Angel Pass and get all of the Summit Recordings essentially for FREE also!


Welcome to the Angelhood!


The Angelic Summit offers you a brilliant path forward where your greatest radiance is available for all to see, feel, and know long after the Summit ends. It’s a path that’s unique to you and yet part of a beautiful whole.


It's also an extraordinary opportunity to connect with an international community of like-hearted change angels as a collective instrument of global transformation within a Private SOULcial Network.


We refer to OUR new community not as a brotherhood, or sisterhood, but an ANGELHOOD, where energy is our common denominator. 


You'll be getting a special preview invitation to join it when it launches just for registering for Angelic Summit!


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