Time to accelerate and master your light in preparation for 2022!

Your Pass is an Activation of Love

Each ticket donates 12% to women and children in crisis.

Your Summit Pass includes:

  • ALL OF THE VIDEO RECORDINGS from the entire summit for LIFE!

  • ALL OF THE AUDIO RECORDINGS from the entire summit for LIFE!

  • THE AUDIO RECORDING of our LIVE fundraiser Concert, Magdalene Musical Celebration inside the Clubhouse App.

  • FREE BONUSES from some of our luminaries designed to align your frequency to pure Magdalene Consciousness including:

    • Catherine Ann Clemett's ebook "Are you a Magdalene?"
    • Dale Allen Hoffman's ebook on "An Introduction to Aramaic Toning"
    • Akara Sophia's Seminar "The Magdalene Mysteries for Financial Healing"
    • Ingrid Auer's Meditation "Healing for your Feminine Heart"
    • Ana Otero's free seminar, "Magdalene's Rose Oil Myrraphore Tradition"


    AND  MORE!

  • EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to our new private Magdalene Mastery Summit Circle inside our online social space, The Angelhood! Where you'll get to share your real-time experiences with others attending the summit.


Remember that this summit is not only an investment in your spiritual mastery, but you will be contributing to a special heart-centered cause of supporting women and children through two different organizations that we were guided to for this particular summit.


12% of all summit proceeds will be distributed equally

to the following charities to those in crisis worldwide: 

Love without Boundaries and 

Shared Hope International. 


The Very Important Angel (VIA) Pass

thank you for supporting our world with your light


all access




donated to children's charities

Light up the World with Us...

Become an Angelic Affiliate to Support Children in Need

Magdalene is inviting all of us, and our friends, to fly wing-to-wing energetically to share our intention worldwide!


When you become an affiliate of Angelic Academy's Magdalene Mastery Summit, you can offset your personal costs while supporting two amazing children's charities: Shared Hope International and Love without Boundaries.


We'll be donating 12% of all summit proceeds split between both. Plus, you'll feel good that you are part of a global movement of peace, prosperity, and loving purpose!


Welcome to the Angelhood!


Magdalene Mastery Summit offers you a brilliant path forward where your greatest radiance is available for all to see, feel, and know long after the Summit ends. It’s a path that’s unique to you and yet part of a beautiful whole.


It's also an extraordinary opportunity to connect with an international community of awakening souls as a collective instrument of global transformation.


We refer to our community not as a brotherhood, or sisterhood, but an ANGELHOOD, where the frequency of LOVE is our common denominator.


Remember, when you purchase your pass today, you'll also be invited to share your summit experience in real time inside our new private group called MAGDALENE MASTERY SUMMIT CIRCLE as part of your bonuses! Your circle access link will be included with your All-Access Pass! So, don't wait...get inside and meet your fellow Magdalenes!


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