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Shared Hope International and Love Without Boundaries Foundation!

All proceeds raised by this event will be split 50/50 between them.




July 22nd, 2021 at 7pm PT/ 10pm ET



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To help us raise awareness and donations for both

Women and Children in crisis.

All Magdalene Mastery Summit pass owners will get a recording of this special event Clubhouse concert and automatically donate to support the Women and Children in crisis with their pass purchase.

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Stephanie Lodge

Your Magdalene Moderator and Host

Stephanie Lodge will be hosting this evening inside the Clubhouse App where music and heart waves collide in celebration of Mary Magdalene's Feast Day, a yearly celebration of her light.


Find her inside the Clubhouse App by name or by searching for the club Magdalene Mastery. The event is already listed and you can get notified by joining the club and the little "green house" to get notified when this event goes LIVE!


We highly recommend signing up in advance as there might still be a waiting list for this popular platform!!


7:15pm - 7:25pm Pacific

Kim Parry

Affectionately known as “Sunshine,” Kim Parry is The Butterfly Whisperer® and Spirit Piper™. Combining the power of music with her life-long work with butterflies, Kim’s greatest joy is facilitating unique transformational global experiences. Dedicated to Bridging Worlds, Connecting Souls and Healing Hearts, Kim facilitates personal heart-messages that soar on the wings of her Monarch Messengers™, or vibrationally through custom Spirit Songs™. Her channeled activations and healing transmissions on her Native American flute are often described as “transformational" and  “other-worldly!”

7:25pm - 7:35pm Pacific

Peter Sterling

Peter Sterling is one of the world’s premier harpists in the genre of new age & contemporary instrumental music. During his 28-year career with the harp, he’s had several #1 records on the international radio charts. He was a bronze & silver medal winner in the prestigious Global Music Awards, & he won the New Age/Ambient Song of the Year in the 2017 Hollywood Music & Media Awards. He is also a visual artist working in stained glass & digital photographic paintings he calls “Portals of Light”, which are a unique alchemy of photography, digital effects, crystal & gemstone powders which create multi-dimensional, holographic mandalas.

7:35pm - 7:45pm Pacific

Maya McClean

Maya McClean is an Australian singer, songwriter, dancer, choreographer, healer, truth coach and filmmaker. It was her childhood dream to come to America and dance with Michael Jackson, but instead the universe sent her the artist “Prince'' for whom she did background singing and dancing for over 13 years with her twin sister Nandy. Maya has now been guided into a life of service and healing which has led her full circle, back to her music as a solo artist, writing transformative lyrics and healing music. Her songs open our hearts to the true beauty within us all.

Gracie Mogle

7:45pm - 7:55pm Pacific

Gracie Mogle is a sound healer, songstress, and high intuitive. She uses many different modalities to facilitate her light work, including clairvoyant readings, and crystal sound bowls. Grace is a board certified NLP practitioner as well as an insurance broker. She loves to help people empower themselves and awaken to the Divine Light within by shedding quickly what no longer serves them. She resonates with the fiery Seraphim energy and will be bringing the Phoenix fire to her sound streams and vocal offerings.

7:55pm - 8:05pm Pacific

Lori-Ann Speed

Lori-Ann is an acclaimed recording and performing artist who writes and performs her own piano compositions.  In addition to several feature films and documentary credits, she recorded her first piano album of original music in 1992 called “The Gift of Music”.  “In Search of Wings” featuring piano and some of Canada’s finest studio musicians followed this album.  The third album, “In the Wake of a Whisper” was recorded in the world-renowned Chan Center for Performing Arts and was nominated for Best Instrumental Release (non-classical) at the West Coast Music Awards. 

8:05pm - 8:15pm Pacific

Miriam Ma

Miriam Ma is a shamanic womb channeling singer and light language toner who integrates polarities and different timelines with voice and drum. She serves as a bridge to reconnect other humans to their soul remembrance and soul codes. connected to elders in different realms of existence and truly embodies the sacred feminine in all of her majesty of sound, voice, and wisdom. Miriam will be providing a pre-recording to participate in our concert as she is not available to access Clubhouse from her current location due to internet limitations.

8:15pm - 8:25pm Pacific

Alexandra Klausner

Alexandra Klausner is a freestyle songtress/spoken word artist, singer-songwriter, actor, improviser, rapper, voiceover artist, playwright, screenwriter, and reporter at The New York Post. She sings and freestyles to heal herself and others and to make people dance! These channels connect her with her inner wisdom and allow her to feel the expansiveness of being in the moment. She's also a proud graduate of the Freestyle Love Supreme Academy and a regular contributor in Clubhouse rooms.

8:25pm - 8:35pm Pacific

Kati Astraeir

Kati Astraeir is a multimedia visionary and mystical artist, sound healer, and intuitive spiritual guide. She is a gateway keeper, guiding others back into their hearts, inspiring a deeper reconnection with nature, and a higher source. Her journey through darkness, and losing her voice for many years, taught her how to speak in many different languages of light. At this timing, she is reclaiming it back, and offering herself as a vessel for the higher intelligence to move and express through her, through visions and vibrational transmissions.

8:35pm - 8:45pm Pacific

Ilana Lorraine

Ilana Lorraine brings a magical innocence filled with wonder to her music. Artist, songwriter, and producer, her debut album My Little Tree is available on all digital platforms and via the link below on Soundcloud. Her sounds are endorsed by Waves Audio, Harman Int., Aston Microphones and she is the founder of The Coach House, co-founder of Sessions58, and The Fairytale. Inspired by an awakening heart that feels deeply, her lyrics portray a yearning for answers that is both haunting and breathtakingly beautiful. 


50% of all proceeds donated through Clubhouse will go to this amazing organization focused on women and children endangered by trafficking.

Four Stars & 92/100 on Charity Navigator!

Founded in 1998, Shared Hope International (SHI) exists to rescue and restoration of women and children in crisis. We are leaders in a worldwide effort to prevent and eradicate sex trafficking and slavery through education and public awareness. For over two decades, Shared Hope International has served the world's most destitute. We work diligently across the world, partnering with local groups to help women and children enslaved in the sex trade by providing them with shelter, healthcare, education and vocational training opportunities. Our three-pronged strategy- prevent, rescue and restore- is producing hope. We will not give up. We will continue to invade the darkness, rescuing and restoring young women and precious children- one life at a time.

50% of all proceeds donated through Clubhouse will go to this amazing organization focused on helping impoverished children worldwide.

Four Stars & 93/100 on Charity Navigator!

Love Without Boundaries is an international charity that provides hope and healing to vulnerable children, and their underserved communities, through its educationfoster carehealing homesmedical care, and nutrition programs. It is LWB's vision to provide the most loving and compassionate help possible to impoverished and orphaned children, and to show the world that every child, regardless of his or her needs, deserves to experience love and be treated with dignity and care. From the very beginning of LWB, we’ve worked in partnership with local citizens on the ground to change the lives of vulnerable children. Each project around the globe is run by people who grew up in-country, as the best solutions to the challenges children face are developed in the local community.

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