The Experience

We've Assembled Some of the Leading Magdalene Emissaries in the World to Illustrate the Many Facets of Magdalene's Heart

Meet  Your Host



Celestial Channel & Magdalene Mystic

A channel for the Angels for almost fifteen years, Stephanie has led the shift from seeing Angels solely as beings outside of us to embodying their frequency as our own divine nature through various sacred Magdalene practices she teaches through Angelic Academy. She brings them into our heart through her engagements as The Hug Angelwhere she serves as a global peace ambassador, empowerment coach, living light healer, and ascension advisor.


Opening The Summit with special musical guest, Monique Benabou and the

"The Many Facets of the Modern Magdalene"


Closing the Summit: 

"The Magdalene Starseeds"


Special Magdalene "DNA Renewal " Meditation on

July 23rd at 6pm PT/9pm ET

With Special Musical Guest Opening the Summit - Monique Benabou

Speakers & Mystics

The Keepers of Magdalene Wisdom

Kathleen McGowan

Magdalene Expert and Author

of the upcoming

"The Magdalene Way"

TALK: "The Magdalene Way"

Catherine Ann Clemett

International Bestselling Author of "Anna, The Voice of the Magdalenes"

TALK: "Mary Magdalene - Gateway to the Magdalene Order"

Alexandra Wenman

 Divine Feminine Priestess; Angelic & Magdalene Channel 

TALK: "Magdalene and the Sacred Feminine Angelic Arts"

Ingrid Auer

Medium & Channel for the Magdalene Consciousness

TALK: "Energize Your Feminine Field with Magdalene Vibration"

Ana Otero

Magdalene Priestess, Author,

& Channel

TALK: "The Magdalene Priestess & Priest Path of Light"

Akara Sophia

Magdalene High Priestess of the Rose Line of the Holy Sophia

TALK: "Mary Magdalene as Financial Healer"

Mary Sise

Magdalena Healing Energy Healer, Speaker & Teacher

TALK: "Activating & Embodying the Magdalena Within"

Dale Allen Hoffman

Aramaic Expert and

Tonal Alchemist

TALK: "Aramaic Tones of Light"

Caroline Mitchell

The Original "Dragon Lady" and Dragon Path Oracle Deck Author

TALK: "The Magdalene Dragons"

Lisa Sadowski

Crystal Soul Channel & Divine Feminine Heart Advisor

TALK: "Crystals of the

Magdalene Heart"

Donica Tomko

Ordained Priestess of Isis & Holistic Health Coach

TALK: "Harmonizing Our

Endocrine Energy"

Rehmannia D. Thomas

Superior Taoist Tonic Herbalist, Artist & Author

TALK: "Adapting to Ascension

with Ancient Herbs"

What to Expect During this LIVE 4-Day Event

If you've been seeking the answers regarding the truth of Mary Magdalene because you're ready to support the elevation of the sacred feminine into her authentic sovereign state, then, this is the summit you've been searching for!


The MAGDALENE MASTERY SUMMIT councils gathered for this intimate experience of soul embodiment, supporting the fullest integration of all your inner mysteries with the radiant wisdom that is rapidly expanding from your awakened heart!


It's time to embrace the POWER of the FEMININE CREATOR within you - regardless of gender - to BIRTH a NEW WORLD of PEACE, LOVE, PROSPERITY, and most importantly, FREEDOM!!


You've been feeling the energetic shifts lately, right?


You know it's time to align your heart's feminine frequency with its masculine power, right?


You feel a power of "not on my watch" rising inside by now. It's been calling you to step not only IN, but UP, right?


So then, what are you waiting for?


The MAGDALENE MASTERS are so excited to meet you to be your partners in shine as you evolve to your next greatest version of self! They are here to guide you along the same path they took to find deeper meaning and fulfillment, greater soul confidence, sacred abundance without apology, and a more expanded vision of a life well lived in alignment with the creator of one's soul.


It takes commitment, perseverance, daily self-devotion, facing our shadows, and peeling away the layers of grief, shame, trauma, and tragedy one at a time. Until finally we see the true nature of our being - the light that informs it all. And we are so here for that - we "gotch you" - we are holding you already as you















Plus, you'll automatically be invited to join the exclusive high-vibe social network - THE ANGELHOOD - if you aren't already a member once you buy your pass! 


And remember, you'll also be getting FREE EXTRA BONUSES from many of our teachers as their way of saying thank you for anchoring your light with us.

Summit  Schedule

Four Days of Incredible Revelations and Soulful Transformations

Click the Panels below to View Speaker Dates and Times - TIMES LISTED ARE PACIFIC (please check your local times)


STEPHANIE LODGE  - Opening the Summit with Special Guest Monique Benabou and her sound stream stylings, followed by Stephanie's talk on "The Many Facets of the Modern Magdalene"


REHMANNIA DEAN THOMAS: "Adapting to Ascension with Ancient Herbs" 


MARY SISE: "Activating & Embodying the Magdalena Within"


DONICA TOMKO - "Harmonizing Our Endocrine Energy"





ALEXANDRA WENMAN - "Magdalene and the Sacred Feminine Angelic Arts"


KATHLEEN MCGOWAN - "The Magdalene Way"


CAROLINE MITCHELL: "The Magdalene Dragons"



What Sets us Apart?

The overall format of each Magdalene Mastery session is part interview and part Activated Healing Experience or Wisdom Teaching that aligns awareness and the collective vibration into one cohesive frequency of Magdalene love as mind-heart coherence. 


Magdalene Masterclasses

Post Summit Extensions


The journey continues post-summit with unique Magdalene Masterclasses that will be added to our website for all attendees to experience an even deeper dive into the mysteries. All summit participants will be the first to know when these classes open.


Magdalene Masterminds

Angelic Academy Exclusives


Stephanie Lodge is launching her Magdalene Masterminds via Angelic Academy to guide each participant to visualize a new planet where everyone thrives on every level and finds their greatest prosperity in authentic purpose. Through a powerful collective practice she learned from Magdalene and the Celestial Councils, you'll get first access to these amazing circles. When you bring your energy together with others of similar frequency, you co-create in amplified fields of powerful manifestation.


Are you Ready to Meet Magdalene?

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Welcome to the Angelhood!


Magdalene Mastery Summit offers you a brilliant path forward where your greatest radiance is available for all to see, feel, and know long after the Summit ends. It’s a path that’s unique to you and yet part of a beautiful whole.


It's also an extraordinary opportunity to connect with an international community of awakening souls as a collective instrument of global transformation.


We refer to our community not as a brotherhood, or sisterhood, but an ANGELHOOD, where the frequency of LOVE is our common denominator.


Join us today and share your summit experience in real time and light's love for years to come!