The Glow

Angelic Summit 2020 was Angelic Academy's first summit ever,

and it was amazing! Here are just a few of our testimonials.

Angelic Summit last year was a pleasant surprise for many just as we were about to step into one of the most challenging years of our lives. The Angels weren't kidding when they asked us: "There's a wave coming, can you feel it?" Little did we know that it would plunge us into a continuous emotional rollercoaster of deep dives into despair and massive personal awakenings to truth that was sometimes hard to swallow. Which is why this year Magdalene is stepping into frame to reinforce the truth that we are all Angelic Guardians often hidden in plain sight.

"Thank you, Stephanie for showing me that there are a lot of us out here, and you have gathered us all together." 

Pamela O.

“I just thought I would share with a pure sincere heart how truly grateful I am to you all, for all that you have shared, shine, and radiated. All that you truly are! I have enjoyed each and every moment. I love you so dearly and unconditionally, always remember how truly beautiful you are!"

Nathan M.

“I feel like dancing after this week!! Soooo much LOVE, gratitude, laughter, hugs, tears...forever changed and I can't thank you enough Stephanie. I finally feel seen. Love you!”

Wendy H.

“WOW! It ALL just clicked together. The entire picture you painted with the summit this week Stephanie! So grateful.”

Lisa K.

The Magdalene Mastery Summit combines the wisdom of ancient mystery experts with the messages and transformational practices of Modern Magdalene Mystics. We're also sharing deep soul enrichment and embodiment exercises, guided Magdalene meditations and high frequency sacred transmissions to ensure your frequency is fully optimized.




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Light up the World with Us...

Become an Angelic Affiliate to Support Children in Need

Magdalene is inviting all of us, and our friends, to fly wing-to-wing energetically to share our intention worldwide!


When you become an affiliate of Angelic Academy's Magdalene Mastery Summit, you can offset your personal costs while supporting two amazing children's charities: Shared Hope International and Love without Boundaries.


We'll be donating 12% of all summit proceeds split between both. Plus, you'll feel good that you are part of a global movement of peace, prosperity, and loving purpose!

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