Her Heart

The grail that lives inside all of us

Magdalene is Calling YOU to RISE into

her Harmonic Heart to...


Release the old templates of a Wounded World vision, in order to DREAM AWAKE and ignite with LIGHT a new Sovereign Earth template, where immaculate love, joy, and safety harmonize as a playground of peace and prosperity for all future generations!

Why Magdalene? Why Now?


You've been called to this moment by a powerful feminine voice cloaked in mystery for far too long, that is rising as an archetype of love's liberation. Through her energetic inspiration, we are experiencing a collective transformation that is millennia in the making. 


Mary Magdalene anchored her light over 2,000 years ago with a tribe of light bearers who came to show us how extraordinary we truly are. But, the entirety of humanity wasn't quite ready for that level of truth, and the ascension arts and wisdom went underground, held in the hearts of only a chosen few to carry forward in secrecy. Soon her story would be distorted and diminished by design, leaving us with more questions than answers about who she truly was. Until now.


Was she Yeshua's beloved and equal?

Was she the mother of his children?

Why was she called the apostle to the apostles?

Was she part of a concealed messianic lineage?

What was important about her healing arts?


and maybe one of the most unanswered questions

because it's never been asked before...

Was she more than just human?


Meanwhile, Magdalene has only one question for you...

Are you ready to open your heart to trust the wisdom of your soul?


So, the Awakened Ones like yourself are gathering with us from around the world to experience some of the leading experts in feminine wisdom and meet some new voices of Magdalene consciousness as well. They'll provide guidance on navigating both the current climate with grounded authority and the coming years of humanity's greatest evolution fearlessly with grace. Plus, we're giving back to the children who have been waiting for us to finally wake up and help them maintain their innocence.


If you're ready to join us to reclaim your sovereign birthright, your heart's true wisdom, your ultimate love and infinite light...then we'd be honored to have you with us July 22nd, 2021 -  July 25th, 2021 for this truly monumental and unique gathering of mostly women, but yes also some Magdalene Men!

Light up the World with Us...

Become an Angelic Affiliate to Support Children in Need

Magdalene is inviting all of us, and our friends, to fly wing-to-wing energetically to share our intention worldwide!


When you become an affiliate of Angelic Academy's Magdalene Mastery Summit, you can offset your personal costs while supporting two amazing children's charities: Shared Hope International and Love without Boundaries.


We'll be donating 12% of all summit proceeds split between both. Plus, you'll feel good that you are part of a global movement of peace, prosperity, and loving purpose!