Experience the Miracles of Magdalene

Meet the Ultimate Healer to the Healer, here to Comfort the World

As the frequencies of the world are increasing, the feminine strength and wisdom of Mary Magdalene has returned to support the countless hearts worldwide who've been struggling through the greatest age of transformation humanity has ever seen.


Is your body exhausted beyond belief?

Are you tired of feeling restricted and controlled?

Is the controversy, conspiracy, or uncertainty becoming unbearable?



Join Mary Magdalene for this amazing online journey through various channels of her consciousness, where we all

RISE IN HARMONY TOGETHER with the Celestial Councils by Her Side!

Didn't make it LIVE this year?  

That's okay. You can always watch the recordings on demand and get the same benefits.


You can also get on our list to find out about future LIVE events in 2022!

We've been through a lot, many are looking for an island in a storm and a savior to take the pain, suffering, and fear away once and for all.


It's time for some support, some love and care, some healing of mind, and some tools of empowerment to help the healers of this world to ride the storms with more grace and ease.


It's time to sort through the many streams of conscious turmoil and find the truth that sets us all free from division and despair.


It's time to recognize the healer to the healer. The master mystic who healed the wounds of Yeshua himself. For it is she who was the portal of ascension over 2000 years ago, and it is her feminine consciousness who is here to not necessarily save the world, but heal it through sacred love and immaculate light.


Come learn the truth that has been hidden for far too long, and discover the path of light that was the actual beliefs and practices of "the Master" himself, and his beloved.


So much truth and light is unveiled in this powerful Summit - where the mind and heart finally find harmony and peace because trust is renewed, universal faith is secured, and the divine feminine is held in equal regard to the divine masculine.


Won't you join us in Healing Our Hearts and elevating the Sacred Feminine Frequency globally for World Peace and Freedom?

Here are Just A Few Reasons Your Soul Has Led You Here:

  • To learn a variety of spiritual techniques that connect you to your soul and Source as empowering tools of self-reliance as practiced by the Order of the Magdalene.

  • To discover what's in store in terms of world energetics and transformational solutions from channeled Magdalene guidance and expert ascension teachings.

  • To learn how to remove the emotional and energetic blocks that keep you from connecting to your true nature through sound, light, frequency, and crystal wisdom.

  • To align with and clarify your connection to Source~Love as the divine consciousness that animates all life, and where faith is strengthened through visceral experience.

  • To receive upon purchase amazing FREE BONUSES from some of our accomplished luminaries, including a free ebooks, seminars, and meditations that empower our prosperity, align our light, and free our spirit from the density of fear, trauma, and grief.

  • To connect with a community of "light-minded" people we call "The Angelhood" to continue aligning in light and higher consciousness to help neutralize any fear in the collective consciousness worldwide.

Magdalene Mastery Summit provides direct healing experiences to infuse her love directly into our hearts.  Now the truth is beginning to resurface through thousands of courageous hearts longing to be free, tired of the rhetoric and "rinse and repeat" strategies. Ready to speak from their authentic voice, and roar if need be, to save the future generations of our planet and ourselves. Ready to rise into their true Magdalene power.


Our intention is to create a quantum and evergreen experience so transformative that you are certain to feel a profound shift not only in your spiritual state that you'll talk about for years to come, but in every area of your life!


Light up the World with Us...

Become an Angelic Affiliate to Support Children in Need

Magdalene is inviting all of us, and our friends, to fly wing-to-wing energetically to share our intention worldwide!


When you become an affiliate of Angelic Academy's Magdalene Mastery Summit, you can offset your personal costs while supporting two amazing children's charities: Shared Hope International and Love without Boundaries.


We'll be donating 12% of all summit proceeds split between both. Plus, you'll feel good that you are part of a global movement of peace, prosperity, and loving purpose!

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